Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Simplest Way To Schedule Your Computer To Shutdown

Ever wanted to schedule your computer to shutdown at specific time? Windows has a secret trick that allows you to do just that :)

1) Go to Start -> Run. Type in 'shutdown -s -t 120' and press Enter.

2) Your computer will shut down in 120 seconds. Change 120 to any number (in seconds) you like :)

Important: If at any time you wish to cancel the operation, type in the command 'shutdown -a'.

PS: You could also use 'at 22:13 shutdown -s' to specify the time to shutdown. Just change 22:13 to any time that you want (must be in 24 hours format)

End Notes:

-s and -t used above are command switches, which is explained in the list below:
-s Shutdown the computer
-t Set a given time for shutdown, in seconds
-r Restart the computer
-l Log off the user
-a Cancels a system shutdown already in progress
-f Forces running applications to close without warning
-i Display a GUI. It must be the first switch

You may use any of these switches to your liking. Normally I'll also add -f to the command so that it will ensure that the computer will shutdown. (but make sure you don't have any unsaved work!)

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